Medicare Physicals

 Medicare physicals are similar to standard doctor appointments to check up on your health and wellness. If you are a new Medicare patient, you qualify for a covered Medicare physical within the first 12 months you are enrolled in your plan. Know what to expect when you visit your doctor for this physical and learn the key benefits of scheduling this appointment for preventive care.

About Medicare

Medicare is a medical insurance program administered by the federal government for seniors and people with disabilities that helps patients cover necessary medical expenses. With Medicare, the insured must choose a PCP (primary care doctor) for checkups. This doctor keeps an updated account of a patient’s medical history and status. Medicare Part B covers doctor physicals, which is considered preventative care.

What Happens at a Medicare Physical

During Medicare physicals, your doctor will review your health history and your current state of wellness both physically and mentally. You’ll also explore ways to maintain good health, including medications and specialists that can help. Here is what you can expect at your appointment:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate reading.
  • Height and weight measurements.
  • Physical check of the body, including the eyes, ears, throat, lungs, head, and abdomen.
  • Cognitive test and mental health screening.
  • Urine and blood screenings.
  • Referral for recommended vaccinations.
  • A thorough discussion of any health concerns or questions.

Importance of Physicals

Medicare physicals are important because they help you and your doctor get ahead of any potential issues before they have a chance to become a major health concern. In addition to Medicare physicals with your doctor, you should also attend regular checkups as needed throughout the year. Routine checkups with your PCP are covered by your plan (with a deductible in most cases) as well as any new prescriptions recommended by your doctor and referrals to specialists.

Schedule Your Physicals in Advance

When you’re ready to schedule your Medicare physicals, get in touch with Dr. Sapan Bindal and his team at Cooper Street Medical Clinic located in Mansfield, TX, Midlothian, TX, and Fort Worth, TX. Call (817) 453-2123 , (817) 840-7000, or (817) 813-5470 today to set a time for your first checkup.

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