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"Looking for a good Doctor? Look no further! Dr. Bindal and his staff are amazing. Knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain things to you on a level you can understand. Great with all ages. From young children to Seniors he knows his stuff. Office is clean, staff is friendly, they run on time and now accepting most insurance. Don't get caught at a doc in the box with all the germs and sickness. Cooper Street Medical Clinic has walk in welcome appointments. I highly recommend - Liz Taylor, Mansfield Tx"

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"Dr Bindal is very nice and knowledgeable. I have been using BioT hormone replacement therapy for about 7 years, when my gynecologist retired and Dr.Bindal offered to do my HRT, gynecology as well as my primary care physician. This was AMAZING for me to have a single place for my health care. Saturday hours also make it easier to see the doctor inside of my schedule. Dr. Bindal has contacted me on multiple occasions to help with medical records from my previous PCP and GYN and I believe he genuinely cares about my health."

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"Dr Bindal is a perfect fit for Cooper Street Medical Clinic. I have been twice in the last month and he diagnosed my problems immediately. Dr Gallman chose the right Doctor for this clinic and Dr. Bindal is now my Primary Care physician and I am so happy to have found him and his wonderful staff! Highly recommend Dr. Bindal's office for you healthcare needs."

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"Absolutely the most personable doctor I have ever dealt with. Dr. Bindal and his staff are thorough and knowledgeable, not to mention they treat you like family. If you want sound medical advice and treatment this is definitely the place to go. I would, and do, trust Dr. Bindal with my life"

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