Helping You Deal with Chronic Diseases

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be a staggering experience. However, your team of doctors, including your primary care chronic diseasephysician, can help you manage your disease, live your best life, and ensure that you get the high-quality care that you deserve. Learn more about how your primary care physician fits into your chronic disease management and care with Dr. Sapan Bindal at Cooper Street Medical Clinic in Mansfield, TX.

What is a chronic disease? 
A chronic disease is defined as lasting three months or longer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of American adults suffer from a chronic disease. A quarter of adults have two or more. Some common chronic diseases include obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and oral health problems. Some of the main contributing factors to chronic disease are tobacco use, poor eating habits, and lack of physical activity.

How can my primary care physician help me manage my chronic disease? 
Your primary care physician can help you manage the symptoms of chronic disease and even spot their early warning signs at a regular examination. Catching a chronic disease early can allow your doctor to begin treatment at its earliest, most manageable stages. For example, your doctor may notice that you are overweight, but not yet obese. Maintaining a healthy weight with guidance from your primary care physician can help you prevent obesity and, in turn, other chronic conditions like diabetes. Catching cancer in its earliest stages raises the odds of survival significantly than if found in its late stages. Additionally, making changes to your diet or exercise routine to lead a healthy lifestyle with help from your physician can prevent conditions like cardiovascular disease.

Chronic Disease Management in Mansfield, TX
Preventing and managing chronic disease requires that you see your doctor regularly for routine examinations. These exams will allow your doctor to give you, your body, and your lifestyle choices the once-over, ensuring that you know your risks for chronic disease and options for treating existing diseases.

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