We Can Help With Your Weight Loss Goals

At Cooper Street Medical Clinic, we can help with your weight loss resolution. Sorting through all the existing information about diet and weight lossexercise can be confusing. Some recommendations might work for you, while others do not and it can be frustrating trying to figure out which ones will work. Our doctor can review your individual situation and develop a weight loss plan that is right for you. At Cooper Street Medical Clinic, Dr. Sapan Bindal is your doctor for medical weight loss in Mansfield, TX.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a method for managing your weight based on developing healthy lifestyle habits under the guidance of a doctor. Medical weight loss does not necessarily involve the use of diet pills, supplements, or undergoing surgical procedures for weight loss. In Mansfield, an individualized medical weight loss program is developed by a doctor based on your body composition, metabolism, and other factors specific to you. The doctor can help you develop a manageable weight loss plan involving healthy eating and safe exercises.

There are numerous diet and exercise programs available today. Some are unsustainable fads that do not produce long lasting results. Others might simply be unsafe or unhealthy. A medical weight loss program developed by an experienced doctor is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off long term. In addition to losing weight, a medical weight loss program can improve your overall health, as well. Maintaining a healthy weight helps prevent the onset of other health conditions, including high blood pressure and heart disease.

We are here to help you live your healthiest life possible. We can help you with your weight loss resolution by developing a diet and exercise plan customized to you, your situation, and your needs. To schedule a weight loss consultation with Dr. Bindal, your medical weight loss doctor in Mansfield, call Cooper Street Medical Clinic at (817) 453-2123.

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